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I Will Remember It All Differently

by Alter der Ruine

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Lights 07:49
A man says things sometimes when playing for all the light in the sky. Look for the lights. And son, even in the sun he may turn cold waiting in the hours prescribed. Look for the lights. We're no more than stars and bone. We're only neighbors of a similar skin. Look for the lights. Places to fall asleep and people to miss As vibrating islands cast adrift to breathe the dusk away. (chorus) I am too lost to feel this brave. (I) Got caught in the wasted space. Sleep takes its time to come now that you are in my heart eating your way to my brain. Days spent waiting for you, tangled in our own designs. Look for the lights. Blessed youthful boredom and its slow lava flow. Look for the lights. Over desert over mountains and to the shore. Elements in their place. Everything is as it is, existing to change. (chorus) The sunken city awaits. Somewhere there are lights. I need to see them. I need to see them.
I'll be your summer sheet your artificial sun Wear this old body down to its dust Always listening for harmonies Always afraid of what I've done Drunk on clues, buried in your wake I can tell you they aren't worth a dime (chorus) I don't know how it hurts Just wear this suit to cover up the fear I've said it twice, third time is a bore. Let me wander even if it hurts. We've traded forest for factories traded youth, to feel the silk of being haunted. Start up the line, the whole earth shakes. is it right? you tell me how smooth are the gloves. (chorus) I do remember it was my gin genius that tucked the moon away and pulled the sun over the mountains. The horizon slides, postcards from a child's mind. Made to be envied were cashed on wine. (chorus)
Stars 03:18
It's not the same. It's not the same. We didn't fall apart. Can you tell me what we're supposed to be? I still love you the same. But it's not the same. No. No, it's not the same. We're both stuck in mute trying to find our way through. I'll make the trek. I'll take the steps you don't want me to. But I will find my way back to you.
Gift Horse 05:25
Glass breathing again. Swaying through the bends. Swollen against walls. Too raw to rip forward. I've fed that skeleton to the back of my brain to cultivate superstitions. Wilted and silent on the bed. A solitary friend flutters in two hearts, too still to be kind. Whatever it is, don't trust it's movement. Don't trust the way it makes the words pour from my mouth. (chorus) Desperately, I don't want you to understand what winds time slow and what makes us crawl. Because, time means something. Even if we're forgetting that our whispers will carry us through. Sung inside, the faint spark illuminated enough this time. For I'm as comfortable in the dark as I am in the light. Now. You pulled it here. Let me gaze, let me stare your gift horse in its mouth. I'll put my head down its speckled throat. (chorus) Honestly I just want you to understand what makes us glow and what breeds all the lows. Because, time means something. Even if we're forgetting that our whispers will carry us through. I disappear. Desperately, I disappear.
You can try and hide all the things you've done. We'll find your face, we'll see who you are. So when you sleep, try and rest easy. You can try and hide. We'll find out who you are. With those secrets who will love you? Take them into the sun and get high on their fumes. Sleep in the backseat, dream of a brighter day. Take those secrets. We'll find out what you are. Take those horrors into the tall trees. Remember, you were a child. Now, remember being free. We've seen more than you know. We've watched the tremors roll. We've watched your face slide off. We've seen who you are. We've seen who you are. Cry yourself awake afraid of what we'll say. We heard your side. Watched you bury your face. Watched you crumble. Reinvent your disguise. Wear those secrets, we'll find out who you are. Silence found you when you were young. You kept the noise down, waiting to move on. We've seen more than you know. We've watched the tremors roll. We've watched your face slide off. Will we tear you apart? Will we tear you apart? / We've seen who you are.
Quiet Crimes 05:04
t's in the shade. It's in the way I need to feel aligned with something cold. See the memory is there but the face doesn't match the voice. I'm on fire, babe, I'm burning down. I'll give you these pieces to hold through those fevers Now that the flames are coming And a billion eyes won't blink. (chorus) The floor is gold For our walls of dirt It's a quiet crime it's a quiet crime Built on shapes that turn one's skin numb It's a quiet crime it's a quiet crime It is a deep bite It is a fault of mine that's the quiet crime that keeps me stirring And if you listen right You may just hear such a quiet crime such a quiet crime It is not your shadow. Drop your eyes from the clouds. Defined: you're the phantom you worship. Tune out the traffic. Say I'm a better man these days. How's that sound? Baby I'm still burring down. (chorus) Am I the liar's tongue, telling you tales in the dark Am I the tiger's paw, ripping faces from lives, am I another polished soul, not practicing what they preach am I the quiet man, who drinks his champagne wanting to poison his path to sleep am I the happy man, shaking the hands of those he fears most? Baby, I'm burning down. (chorus)
Tundra 05:51
Today will be a good day. The distance isn't too great. Do they hear? A Voice wears its intentions. Feral in construction yet I don't understand what I say. (chorus) Leave a light on because I have a ways to go. The tundra creeps, thawed within reach. To say your name warms nothing. It's only a name, a name, a name. A stranger moves these bones. A stranger builds these homes. Broadcasting hues. Coloring the years following the fence-line. Singing to myself. Singing for a start. All I need is sunshine, all I want is the silence gone. (chorus)
Poltergeist 04:07
I should leave it alone but the assembly has gathered to hear. The genesis of twin husks crackling between our ears. This room is larger than it seems. She floats in one corner and speaks with enough heat to melt the paint from the walls. It is too, too hot to cradle that winter's wish, twisting an hour into a universe. (chorus) Hesitate. Stay strong friend. It's not the calm we thought it was. We're building a heat. Hesitate, burning back to earth. Not as clever as we thought. It's time to open our eyes. The patina of her tone turns miracles. I'm a believer. Now my baby's got a problem. When those poltergeist charms come knocking on the walls, it's time to settle down and take the earth for a stroll. (chorus) Have I given up? I'll tell you I haven't with a smile reserved for a drink. Circumventing measures just to crush them under the weight. And it's brittle and it's boring yet I still talk as if it matters. And it does. And it doesn't. And it does. And it does.
Leviathan 06:42
Sentimental shouts. World-shaper cares not why your joy percolates. Dirty gums tether elastic promise to dissolve away. Can I rewind? Can I rewind? Can I rewind? Can I rewind? Sentimental shouts. Like barbs in the deep pulling guts from mouths. Leviathan awaits to drown driest hands. To carve new canyons, drop the ground from the sky. Leviathan awaits.


10 songs


released July 8, 2014

All Music by: Alter der Ruine
Artwork: Ruben Ireland


all rights reserved



Alter der Ruine Tucson, Arizona

The current line-up of Mike J on drums, longtime member Mike T on vocals / keys and the addition of Tamara on keys and backing vocals gets the boat floating; and the band has never been more ready to chum their strange waters.

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